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Book Covers, Mike's Unforgettable St. Louis History, Volume 1

Do you know about the Englishman who won St. Louis’s 1904 Olympic marathon while drinking French brandy, bits of strychnine, and warm water from a car radiator?


Or that Walt Whitman’s brother was a St. Louis Water Commissioner?


Or that this city hosts the first art museum ever built west of the Mississippi River?


Do you know about the Missouri Leviathan?


Mike will tell you all about it.


Mike Kleckner has turned the most interesting, eyebrow-raising, and unbelievable factoids from decades of article clippings into this quick-reference, easy-reading, and very entertaining book of historical St. Louis tales and trivia.


A history book for kids!

Enjoy wonderful real-life historical photos with whimsical illustrations that bring history to life.

From the humorous origins of favorite local foods to animals escaping from the zoo, learn the most unique, kid-friendly, and fun stories about St. Louis history.

"In this joyful, well-written tour of the buildings, historic sites, and people of St. Louis, Mike Kleckner provides a rich mine of information that will be of interest to every newcomer or resident of our fascinating city.


People of any age will enjoy this well-researched book!"


— Peter H. Raven

President Emeritus

Missouri Botanical Garden

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