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Strange, serious, silly, and stupefying stories about St. Louis you won’t be able to forget! 

Book Covers, Mike's Unforgettable St. Louis History, Volume 1

"In this joyful, well-written tour of the buildings, historic sites, and people of St. Louis, Mike Kleckner provides a rich mine of information that will be of interest to every newcomer or resident of our fascinating city.


People of any age will enjoy this well-researched book!"


— Peter H. Raven

President Emeritus

Missouri Botanical Garden


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Mike Kleckner

LOVES St. Louis.

Born and raised in the area, Mike has published Mike's Unforgettable St. Louis History, Volume 1 and Mike's Unforgettable St. Louis History, For Kids. Would you like Mike to share some tales with your group or organization?

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